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Last week I signed the “Statement of the Traditional Southern Baptist Understanding of God’s Plan of Salvation.” I also wrote a response (“It is Time to Discuss the Elephant in the Room”) to...

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I was interested to read Dr. Mohler's response to "A Statement of the Traditional Southern Baptist Understanding of God's Plan of Salvation," which statement I gladly signed. His...

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Below is an interview I conducted with the editors of SBC Today.

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I was saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Clark Pinnock at the age of 73. Though Dr. Pinnock had retired from public life in March, announcing he had Alzheimer’s disease, he died unexpectedly as the result of a heart attack. His homegoing brought back a flood of memories from my own personal life. 

Contrary to some articles, I did not have any classes under Dr. Pinnock when I was at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Nor did Dr. Adrian Rogers. Dr. Rogers actually...

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Cool Ain't Cool

There was a fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal last week. It was entitled, “The Perils of ‘Wannabe Cool’ Christianity,” by Brett McCracken. It mentions a number of “cool” churches and the things they are doing to reach people. He discusses everything from the “cool” way the pastors dress to the “cool” sex...

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I have been away from blogging since the beginning of summer. The summer has been a busy one, indeed. I have been preaching all over everywhere. Some great times with wonderful people of God in a lot of churches. 

And, I have been nearly drowning in technology. I started having a number of problems with my computer. So, I made the decision to switch to a Mac. Best decision I ever made. But, it was really something making the change. Then, I got a new iPhone 4. Fortunately, I...

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“For such a time as this” is a well-known biblical phrase calling attention to the magnitude of a moment.

We are at a momentous moment in Southern Baptist life. “For such a time as this” we need a servant-leader statesman as our next president.

Let me paint a picture of the kind of president we need.

We need a president who is godly and humble. He is neither interested in celebrity nor popularity. He preaches the Bible and is a faithful shepherd to...

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Dr. J. B. Gambrell was a great Southern Baptist leader of another time. He was born in Dallas, Texas in 1841. He was a pastor, faculty member at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, editor of the Baptist Standard, president of my Alma Mater, Mercer University, Corresponding Secretary of the Executive Board of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, and served three terms as President of the Southern Baptist Convention.


I am!

God used him at crucial times...

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SBC Politics

I have always had an aversion to religious politics. I’m sure that sounds strange coming from someone who was intricately involved in SBC politics for a number of years. But, there was something about it that was distasteful to me. Realistically, however, I don’t know how it can be avoided. And, I must say some of it was quite exciting.

I went to bed at a Convention one night thinking Dr. Ed Young would be nominated for President the next day. Instead, I nominated Dr....

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Broadman and Holman has posted an interview with Dr. David Allen and Dr. Steve Lemke about the upcoming book, Whosoever Will.

Whosoever Will Q & A

This book arose from the John 3:16 Conference back in November of 2008.

For a CD set of this conference, click here.

For a DVD set of this...

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