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Baptist Battles

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"Baptist Battles" is Jerry Vines' presentation of issues - past and present - in Southern Baptist life.

The "battles" are not personal in nature, but the constant battle to earnestly contend for the truth of the faith.

The four messages are:

  • Liberalism: A Baptist and his Bible
  • Calvinism: A Baptist and his Election
  • Pentecostalism: A Baptist and his Gifts
  • Libertinism: A Baptist and his Booze.

These four messages will be ideal for church groups and individual Christians as they understand the battle for truth against error.

This set is also available on DVD. Click here for more information.

"In 1987 Dr. Jerry Vines preached 'the watershed message' of the conservative resurgence. Now, in 2006, he does it again. Demonstrating both the timelessness of Scripture and the eloquence God has given him, Dr. Vines addresses the current 'Baptist Battles' in a series, which is unequalled. Anyone who is mildly interested in the current issues facing the SBC will gain tremendous insight from this series and be greatly encouraged from God's Holy Word."

- Dr. Brad Reynolds - Southeastern Theological Seminary; Wake Forest, NC