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Dr. C. R. Daley, the late editor of the Kentucky Baptist Western Recorder summed up quite well the dilemma the Moderates faced as the Houston Convention approached: "Some of us saw the rising star out of Memphis named Adrian Rogers—in my mind, the most brilliant of this group, the one who poses the gravest threat to the Southern Baptist Convention.

"So, in 1976, when it seemed to be his time, some of us who are editors began to write and talk about the kind of leadership...

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Election day came. There was excitement in the air. Word spread that Adrian Rogers had agreed to be nominated for President of the Southern Baptist Convention. Contrary to what some thought, decisions about who would run weren't always made very far ahead. In this instance, the decision was made the night before, as my previous blog recounts. One year I went to bed thinking Ed Young would be nominated. The next day I nominated Charles Stanley!

The effort to get grass roots Southern...

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Jun 4

Ten Fingers

The night before the presidential election at the 1979 Houston Convention I had a growing uneasiness in my spirit. I was to be nominated for president, but I had no peace about it. That night I told my wife, Janet, I didn't think I was to do it. "Well, you'd better find Paige and talk with him." And I did. 

Around 10 that night I found Dr. Patterson and told him of my overwhelming conviction that I was not the person to be nominated. Rather, I sensed strongly that Dr. Adrian...

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In 1965 Dean Martin sang these words: "I got holes in both of my shoes. Well I'm a walking case of the blues. Saw a dollar yesterday. But the wind blew it away. Goin' back to Houston, Houston, Houston."

Probably most of you were not even born when Martin crooned that forgettable song. But, the fact that the SBC is meeting next week got me thinking about going back to where the Conservative Resurgence really got going.

The year was 1979.  We conservatives were, for the most...

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I was interested to read Dr. Mohler's response to "A Statement of the Traditional Southern Baptist Understanding of God's Plan of Salvation," which statement I gladly signed. His...

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Things were heating up in the SBC controversy by the 1979 Pastors’ Conference at Houston. Southern Baptist periodicals had come to realize that the Pastors’ Conference was a rallying place for conservatives. Baptist pastors and lay people always come where there is great gospel music and fiery preaching.

A book not widely read (but should be) “In The Name Of The Father: The Rhetoric of the New Southern Baptist Convention,” (Kell and Camp, University of...

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In my last blog I recounted my astonishing election as president of the Southern Baptist Pastors’ Conference. I was to preside at the Kansas City Municipal Auditorium Arena in 1977.

Our budget was huge--$9,000. We were very innovative with our stage—a flower arrangement, a pulpit, a piano and organ.Admittedly the rental cost of auditoriums has escalated considerably since then. Contrary to what some think, no honorariums were paid to Southern Baptist speakers or singers....

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Fast forward to 1976.

The 1976 Pastors’ Conference was held at the Scope Convention Center in Norfolk, Virginia. My new friend, Adrian Rogers, was the president. He had been present when I  preached a message entitled “Our Ascended Lord” at the Alabama Evangelism Conference earlier that year. He asked me to preach the same message in Norfolk.

Talk about scared out of my wits.

Janet and I arrived in Norfolk. I was clearly shook. My heroes, R. G. Lee...

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I was saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Clark Pinnock at the age of 73. Though Dr. Pinnock had retired from public life in March, announcing he had Alzheimer’s disease, he died unexpectedly as the result of a heart attack. His homegoing brought back a flood of memories from my own personal life. 

Contrary to some articles, I did not have any classes under Dr. Pinnock when I was at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Nor did Dr. Adrian Rogers. Dr. Rogers actually...

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