Immerse your small group, Sunday School class,
or Bible study group in God’s Word

The world is changing — but God’s Word remains the same.

As culture moves further and further away from a clear understanding of Scripture, the solution is not more creative gimmicks to get people to read their Bibles.

The solution is to simply open the Word of God and allow the Bible to speak for itself.

Allow the Bible to speak for itself in your church or small group through Vines By The Book Bible Curriculm. Developed through years of preaching through every book in the Bible and presented in affiliation with Liberty University, Vines By The Book is a chapter-by-chapter, in-depth look at God’s Word and how it shapes our lives today.

Get 52 weeks of solid Bible teaching for your entire church with one subscription.

Any teacher who wants to share the Bible with others will find Vines By The Book an invaluable resource. Each 52-week series dives deep into specific books of the Bible and includes specialized lessons for holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day.

The complete Vines By The Book series encompasses the entire Bible. Individual series can be used in any order. You may:

  • Study the full New Testament* in five years
  • Study the full Old Testament in five years
  • Alternate between Old and New Testament books every year
  • Select a series that contains specific books of the Bible that interest you
  • Select a series that deals with a particular issue you’d like to study

No matter how you use Vines By The Book Bible-teaching curriculum, our prayer is that you will be equipped to teach God’s Word so that believers grow in their Christian faith and unbelievers come to know Christ as their Savior.

*Mark and Luke are excluded because of the Synoptic Gospels.

How can you benefit from Vines By The Book?

As an Individual:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word.
  • Focus on the centrality of Scripture.
  • Easily adapt the lessons for family or workplace devotions.

As a Small Group Leader:

  • Prepare for each session with an easy-to-use format showing you how to begin, organize the material, and actually teach the lesson.
  • Engage your group with stimulating discussion topics, questions, and exercises.
  • Build long-standing community in your group as you systematically study the Bible together for one full year at a time.

As a Church Leader:

  • Get your entire congregation on the same page — lessons can be scaled to a variety of group sizes and ages.
  • Don’t lose money on books or materials you won’t use. With Vines By The Book, you can print only what you need or share the resources digitally.
  • Choose from one-year, five-year, or ten-year reasonably priced study programs.

Liberty University has been Training Champions for Christ Since 1971.
A private, nonprofit, Christian university, Liberty offers
more than 400 degree programs online and more than 200
programs to residential students on its 7,000-acre campus in Lynchburg, Va.

Together, Jerry Vines Ministries and Liberty University are equipping
Christ-centered men and women to integrate biblical truth
into every area of their lives through Vines By The Book.

No matter how you use Vines By The Book, our prayer is that you will be equipped to teach God’s Word so that believers grow in their Christian faith and unbelievers come to know Christ as their Savior.

What Others Are Saying

  • Through the years Dr. Jerry Vines has preached through books of the Bible and his powerful exposition of the Word of God has not only inspired and challenged my life, but served as an excellent model of homiletics I have tried to emulate. Now he has molded these marvelous heart-warming sermons into Sunday School and Bible study lessons that are doctrinally pure, incredibly inspiring and amazingly practical. There is nothing available that will facilitate the spiritual growth of your church members like Vines By the Book.

    Gerald Harris The Christian Index / Editor
  • Dr. Vines' rich, biblical insights, coupled with practical applications, will inspire your students to discover God's truths for themselves. To KNOW and DO is a teacher's goal for every student. Dr. Vines shares a wealth of Bible knowledge gained during his fifty-plus years of preaching and teaching God's word. He is a "Prince of Preachers" and "Master Teacher." I know! He was my pastor for twenty three years and I served on his staff for seventeen years. What a blessing!

    Guinell Freeman First Baptist of Jacksonville, FL | Education Director (45 years)
  • I just wanted to say thank you for putting together a Sunday School Curriculum that goes through God's Word completely. One of the things that I was having a very hard time with was finding a good, solid curriculum for our adults. I just did not feel like they were getting all they should out of all the other publications. We are only on our fourth week of the study in Matthew and I can already see a big difference in our adults. Everything from their attendance to their daily Bible reading is on the rise. Because of your faithfulness, we are seeing some of the blessings.

    Scotty Jarrard Harmony Grove Baptist, Blairsville, GA
  • It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Vines by the Book Sunday school literature. We have been blessed tremendously by the simplistic fashion in which Dr. Vines expounds the scriptures. Our students are given great insight into the text presented along with timely applications for daily Christian living. They have also become more interested in bible study as a result of using Vines By The Book. Our teachers have benefited greatly by the outlines and illustrations which aid them in their lecturing process. I encourage all pastors to give this curriculum a chance. You will not be disappointed!

    Pastor Bruce R. Wyatt Gospel Light Baptist Church, Rock Hill, SC
  • We are so pleased with the Vines By The Book Sunday School curriculum. I have worked diligently to help our teachers understand the concepts of teaching through the Bible rather than topically choosing lessons each week. Most of the Bible-based adult material we have found has been quite shallow. Dr. Vines‘ material and church-size tier pricing has put thought-provoking, Bible-based lessons in reach of our young adult and senior adult teachers. The continued follow-up from the Vines staff and online website tools give me, as a pastor, confidence that we have subscribed to a quality program. Thanks for all the Bible-based material—and especially for doing such a great job communicating the availability of these resources to God’s body, the church.

    Shawn Nichols Bayou Drive Baptist Church, Alvin, Texas | Pastor
  • For many years, folks have been blessed by the preaching/teaching ministry of Dr. Jerry Vines. When “Vines By The Book” became available for Sunday School curriculum, the Lord provided another opportunity for people to benefit from the wisdom and insight of Dr. Vines. The adults at Westside Baptist Church have been tremendously blessed as they have walked with Dr. Vines thus far through the Book of Matthew. His clear and concise method of presenting God’s Word has excited, encouraged, and enriched our people. As we are approaching the end of this study, people are already asking what our next study will be. I would recommend this pointed and powerful curriculum to anyone. Thanks again for making it available to us.

    Mike Parker Westside Baptist Church, Warner Robins, Georgia | Associate Pastor and Adult Education
  • We began using Vines By the Book Sunday School curriculum in January 2009 and it has already been a tremendous blessing to our ministry.  People have commented more about the excitement of studying this material than any I have ever used. The greatest part for me is that it gets our people into the Bible - verse-by-verse and chapter-by-chapter - and being that this is the way I choose to preach from the pulpit- I am very excited about knowing our Sunday School classes are now being led this way.  Aside from saving us a ton of money, this has blessed us and God will use this in our ministry. Thank you for this material. I don't think there is any other like it. Others will follow once the news is out about this stuff - It is wonderful.

    Jason Hatchett Tallapoosa, Georgia
  • I had the privilege of using the material on Philippians for an adult Bible Study. The material is well written and provides a great catalyst for study. The participants were able to join in discussions and receive valuable insights into the Scriptures. I recommend this material to you as you consider your future studies and seek an avenue to get the most in the best  manner. It saves time in preparation and is sound in doctrine. It was a blessing to use and will serve as a blessing to others.

    Glenn Stringham Fayetteville, Georgia
  • Vines By The Book is an excellent Sunday School curriculum. The Sunday School attendance of our new church plant in Mascotte, Florida has more than doubled in one month since we started using it. Pastor, you will not regret this spiritual investment in your life and in the lives of your people. I have used many different Sunday School curriculum's in the near 30 years of ministry and this one is tops by far.

    Joe Lee The Gospel Tabernacle, Mascotte, Florida
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