Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Use Vines By The Book:

Q. Do you recommend going straight through the New Testament and Old Testament series in order?

A. It’s up to you. Each series is designed to be used independently, so you can choose the one that meets your needs best. Some churches go straight through, others alternate yearly between the Old and New Testaments, while still others pick and pick and choose according to the needs of the church or the pastor’s preaching schedule. The important thing is to get everyone into the World of God, so feel free to pick the sequence that’s best for you and your church.

Q. How can we stay on track when holidays come up?

A. Great news! Each Vines By The Book series includes special lessons for special days throughout the year. Every series offers lessons for Mothers’ Day, Easter, and Christmas, and some include additional lessons for holidays such as Independence Day or Thanksgiving.


Q. Are the lesson guides hard to understand?

A. No. They were intentionally written on a level that can be easily understood. Our goal is to give teachers resources that equip them to teach anyone with confidence. For more information on how the lessons are laid out to do this, see our User Guide.

Q. Do you have student material? Or is all the material just for teachers?

A. Our research shows that most people do not use student material. In the cases where churches do have members who want their own student material, those churches simply print out and share additional teachers’ guides. The great news is that, actually, the Bible itself is the student material!

Q. Do you have curriculum for young people and children?

A. At present we do not have material specifically geared toward children. Many churches, however, use Vines By The Book to bring their entire congregation into line and have found that the material is easily customized for middle school students or youth groups.

Q: How quickly will I receive my materials?

A: Immediately! As soon as you’ve completed your purchase, your curriculum will be sent to you digitally, ready to be downloaded and/or printed right away.


Q. What is included in the price?

A. Each Vines By The Book yearly subscription includes 52 weeks’ worth of Bible-teaching lessons, including lessons for holidays and special days throughout the year, in pdf form. The material is easily scaled for different age groups and the number of teachers or participants — no more throwing away unused books or quarterlies!

Q. If our church or small group takes more than one year to go through a year’s subscription, will we pay for the additional time?

A. Yes. 52 weeks’ worth of lessons are included in each subscription price, so whether you finish one series and go on to another or carry the same series into a new year, the price is a yearly one. This makes it easy for churches to simply renew their subscription annually.

Q. Are there any discounts available?

A. Yes! When you purchase a two-year subscription to Vines By The Book, you can save at least $200! Regardless of how many people will be using the curriculum, you’ll save 33% on your second year of material by bundling it together with your first.

Q. How many copies of Vines By the Book may we print?

A. As many as you want to! Or feel free to email them weekly to as many people as you like. We do ask that you not pass them on to other churches, though. Each church that uses the curriculum should have their own subscription.

Q. How are Vines By The Book and Liberty University working together?

A. Both organizations share a vision to train Christ-centered men and women to integrate biblical truth into every area of their lives. By getting the word out about Vines By The Book, Liberty University is making it possible for Bible study groups, small groups, and entire congregations to learn how to bring God’s truth into their homes and workplaces — expanding Liberty’s mission of Training Champions for Christ.

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