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I’m back. Well, sorta.

When I started Jerry Vines Ministries upon my retirement as pastor of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida after almost 24 wonderful years, I started Vines Lines on my website. Vines Lines was a blog where I commented on news stories with a spiritual lesson, gave quotes on various subjects, shared sermon outlines, etc.

Vines Lines was well received. Because of several projects that were very time consuming I suspended Vines Lines for several years.

But, I’m back. Sorta.

The format for Vines Lines will be different from its original version. I anticipate a weekly blog where I will discuss a variety of topics, comment on preaching, church life, etc. and seek to be a source of encouragement to those who read it.

You will normally be able to access it on Monday or Tuesday each week. So, here goes.

As I commented on twitter at the beginning of this year, the month of January gets its name from the mythical Roman god, Janus. Janus is often depicted with a face looking backward and one looking forward.

The idea being that the new year is a good time to take inventory of the last year, set goals and make plans for the new year. That’s not a bad thing for Christians to do. As Paul said, we are to forget those things that are behind and reach forth to those things that are ahead(Philippians 3:13).

So, let’s thank God for the blessings of 2018, ask forgiveness for our failures and look forward with keen anticipation to 2019 and its opportunities to serve the Lord Jesus and be a witness for Him.

Each week I also hope to highlight a resource that might be of help to you. As we begin the year “All The Days,” my devotional book is this week’s featured resource. All 12 months have a theme around a certain book of the Bible. You are asked to read a chapter of the Bible and my half page comment on that chapter. And, preachers and Bible teachers, there is an alliterated outline for each day! You may get “All The Days” here:

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