Sermon Thumb Drive

This USB drive contains over 75 of Dr. Vines most requested series and messages including Journey through the Bible, The Passion, Baptist Battles, Old Preachers Never Die, Glimpses of Glory, and more.


Taken! Believers and the Return of Christ (CD Set)

The return of Christ is the “blessed hope” for Christians. Just how does the return of Christ relate to believers?

In these 4 messages, Jerry Vines looks at the return of Christ as it impacts them.

In “Is America In Bible Prophecy?,” he relates the end time prophecies to America.

“Will The Church Go Through The Great Tribulation?” discusses believers and the coming Great Tribulation.

Christians as servants of Christ is the theme of “Will Christians Be Judged?”

The concluding message, “Who’s Going To The Marriage Supper?” shares the celebration when God’s people feast with Christ.

This series is a must for Christians who “Love His appearing.”


Spiritual Terrorism: Apostasy Through Jude’s Eyes

What is apostasy? Who are apostates? How can Christians survive in the midst of a culture of anarchy and a church threatened by end time apostasy?

In this 4 message study of Jude, Jerry Vines makes its message understandable and applicable to our lives today.


Sex According to God

Sex is God’s idea! In the midst of all kinds of misinformation about sex, Jerry Vines takes a refreshing look at God’s beautiful gift of sex, from the Song of Solomon.


Power in the Pulpit CD set – 2006

This set offers the 2006 Power in the Pulpit Conference sessions led by Jerry Vines, Johnny Hunt and David Allen.

Also, along with the CD set, you will receive an electronic copy of the syllabus used for this conference.


Our Ascended Lord CD

The most requested message Jerry Vines has ever preached, “Our Ascended Lord” is easily one of the greatest messages ever preached on the ascension of our Lord. This message was preached in Mobile, AL at the Alabama Pastors’ Conference in 1977.


Old Preachers Never Die CD

Old Preachers Never Die was preached by Dr. Jerry Vines at the 2004 Real Evangelism Conference hosted at First Baptist Church in Woodstock, Georgia. A message prepared to encourage pastors, and all servants of the Lord for that matter, is drawn from Paul’s final words to the young preacher, Timothy, in II Timothy 4. It is both a tribute to older preachers who faithfully preached the Word of God until their going home and a call for younger preachers to keep preaching and working until Jesus returns!


Let The Show Begin! CD

Americans love a spectacular. Football spectaculars. Super Bowl spectaculars. All kinds of spectaculars. God has a spectacular like none other!

This message will thrill you as Jerry Vines shares from the Bible God’s spectacular in the message, “Let The Show Begin!”


Left! Unbelievers and the Return of Christ (CD Set)

What will take place for those who are left after Christ raptures His church?

Jerry Vines answers a number of questions: Will there be a second chance? Will people be saved during the Tribulation? Who will win the final battle? And, Who’s going to the Great White Throne Judgment?

This series will motivate believers to win the lost and draw unbelievers to Christ.


Kings on Parade

Kings and prophets. Victory and defeat. The Old Testament books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles tell the fascinating stores of Israel’s Kings, the prophets who confronted or comforted them, and the timeless truths in these accounts.

Jerry Vines gives a series of messages which select certain of the Kings, the prophets Elijah and Elisha as the basis for lessons to be learned in our day.


Jonah On The Run

People running from God! Sound familiar?

This is the storyline for many people in our world. Jonah knew what it was to be on the run. From God, to God, for God, into God and with God.

These four messages on the four chapters of Jonah will take you on a journey Dr. Vines calls “Jonah On The Run.” They will search your heart and challenge your life.


John 3:16 – What Love Is This!

John 3:16! This “Gospel in a nutshell” gives the heart of Christianity in a simple, yet profound way.

Jerry Vines takes us on a journey through this “Mt. Everest of Scripture” and lets us see God’s great love for us.

These four exciting messages will cause you to exclaim indeed, “What Love Is This!”


Heaven and How to Get There

Everyone is interested in going to Heaven. What Heaven is like is a subject of a great deal of discussion.

These four messages by Jerry Vines approach the subject of Heaven in a new and refreshing way. Building each message around a song about Heaven, Jerry Vines shares some of the Bible's teaching concerning the glorious future home of the believer- Heaven!

Included in this set are four messages on two CD's:

– I Want to See Jesus
– How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
– We'll Wear A Crown
– Tell Mother I'll Be There


Glimpses of Glory CD

“Glimpses of Glory” is the last sermon Jerry Vines preached as pastor of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida.

After almost 24 years of ministry there, this message summarizes the basic content of Dr. Vines’ messages to First Baptist through the years. It was preached as the closing message of the Pastors’ Conference, attended by over 12 thousand people.


Church To The Max

Just what does God intend a church to be and do? What does such a church look like?

This four-message series by Jerry Vines answer these questions in his series through I Thessalonians. Pastors and Christians will be helped by these verse by verse messages.


Can’t Get No Satisfaction – Study in Ecclesiastes

Britney Spears sang it. So did the Rolling Stones. But, Solomon wrote it.

In this fascinating series of messages from the book of Ecclesiastes, Jerry Vines shares the truth Solomon learned, and all will eventually learn nothing in this world can satisfy the human soul. Only the Lord can do that!


Baptist Battles CD Set

Baptist Battles” is Jerry Vines’ presentation of issues – past and present – in Southern Baptist life.

The “battles” are not personal in nature, but the constant battle to earnestly contend for the truth of the faith.

The four messages are:

  • Liberalism: A Baptist and his Bible
  • Calvinism: A Baptist and his Election
  • Pentecostalism: A Baptist and his Gifts
  • Libertinism: A Baptist and his Booze.

These four messages will be ideal for church groups and individual Christians as they understand the battle for truth against error.

This set is also available on DVD. Click here for more information.

“In 1987 Dr. Jerry Vines preached ‘the watershed message’ of the conservative resurgence. Now, in 2006, he does it again. Demonstrating both the timelessness of Scripture and the eloquence God has given him, Dr. Vines addresses the current ‘Baptist Battles’ in a series, which is unequalled. Anyone who is mildly interested in the current issues facing the SBC will gain tremendous insight from this series and be greatly encouraged from God’s Holy Word.”

– Dr. Brad Reynolds – Southeastern Theological Seminary; Wake Forest, NC


A Journey Through the Bible

This is a must for Sunday School teachers, lay people, or just those who want to learn more about the basics of God’s word.

Have you ever wanted to truly understand the Bible? Do the 66 books seem daunting and difficult? Jerry Vines takes you on an exciting journey through the entire Bible, book by book. Dr. Vines provides you with an introduction to each Bible book and an easy to follow outline.

This is for your computer use and MP3 player.

Just click on the book of the Bible you would like to listen to and it automatically plays on your computer or MP3 player.

This resource has 44 messages on MP3 covering every book of the Bible.

(Outlines included after you complete this transaction. Actual CD set will be mailed.)


A Baptist and His Bible CD

This particular message was preached as the annual SBC convention sermon in St. Louis in 1987. Some have said that Dr. Vines’ messge on the inspiration of the Bible was the watershed message in the conservative resurgence.

This message should be in every thoughtful Southern Baptists CD library.


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