Sermon Thumb Drive

This USB drive contains over 75 of Dr. Vines most requested series and messages including Journey through the Bible, The Passion, Baptist Battles, Old Preachers Never Die, Glimpses of Glory, and more.


The Road Ahead – Series on the Second Coming – DVD Set

What is down the road for us? People have always wanted to know about the future and what the end times will bring. This series on the second coming of Christ teaches the basic truths of end-time prophecy, signs of the times, the rapture of the church, the Great Tribulation on the earth, the millennium, the Great White Throne Judgment, heaven and hell.


Taken! Believers and the Return of Christ (DVD Set)

The return of Christ is the “blessed hope” for Christians. Just how does the return of Christ relate to believers?

In these 4 messages, Jerry Vines looks at the return of Christ as it impacts them.

In “Is America In Bible Prophecy?,” he relates the end time prophecies to America.

“Will The Church Go Through The Great Tribulation?” discusses believers and the coming Great Tribulation.

Christians as servants of Christ is the theme of “Will Christians Be Judged?”

The concluding message, “Who’s Going To The Marriage Supper?” shares the celebration when God’s people feast with Christ.

This series is a must for Christians who “Love His appearing.”


Rescued DVD

From Dr. Vines:

“The annual Pastors’ Conference in Jacksonville was one of the highlights of my year. Thousands of pastors, from literally all over the world, attended. Many came tired, weary and in need of spiritual encouragement. They didn’t need to be knocked down, they needed to be lifted up!

“As I studied and prayed, the Lord led me to prepare a sermon on the Rapture. Also, He showed me a way to make this glorious truth more graphic. So, I utilized sound effects, video, image magnification, etc. to help the message come alive.

“The Lord chose to use it in such a way that the people did seem to be blessed. For this, I am grateful and thankful I could be an instrument for the Lord to use.”

This particular DVD is, to date, the most requested resource in the history of Jerry Vines Ministries. You will be blessed, thrilled and excited, over and over again.


Old Preachers Never Die DVD

Old Preachers Never Die was preached by Dr. Vines at the 2004 Real Evangelism Conference hosted at First Baptist Church in Woodstock, Georgia. A message prepared to encourage pastors, and all servants of the Lord for that matter, is drawn from Paul’s final words to the young preacher, Timothy, in II Timothy 4. It is both a tribute to older preachers who faithfully preached the Word of God until their going home and a call for younger preachers to keep preaching and working until Jesus returns!


Let The Show Begin! DVD

Americans love a spectacular. Football spectaculars. Super Bowl spectaculars. All kinds of spectaculars. God has a spectacular like none other! This message will thrill you as Jerry Vines shares from the Bible God’s spectacular in the message, “Let The Show Begin!


Left! Unbelievers and the Return of Christ (DVD Set)

What will take place for those who are left after Christ raptures His church?

Jerry Vines answers a number of questions: Will there be a second chance? Will people be saved during the Tribulation? Who will win the final battle? And, Who’s going to the Great White Throne Judgment?

This series will motivate believers to win the lost and draw unbelievers to Christ.


Glimpses of Glory DVD

“Glimpses of Glory” is the last sermon Jerry Vines preached as pastor of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida.

After almost 24 years of ministry there, this message summarizes the basic content of Dr. Vines' messages to First Baptist through the years. It was preached as the closing message of the Pastors' Conference, attended by over 12 thousand people.


Give Me That Old-Time Religon – Dr. W.A. Criswell

The annual Pastors' Conference at the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida has created many wonderful moments for pastors all over the country for nearly twenty years.

No other moment is as fondly remembered as this night when the late Dr. W.A. Criswell delivered his last sermon, Give Me That Old-Time Religion, to a standing room only crowd of over 10,000 in Jacksonville.

There was hardly a dry eye in the building as Dr. Criswell delivered this message with power and conviction. It was a moment as First Baptist Pastor, Dr. Jerry Vines, said will go down in the annals of one of Dr. Criswell's finest moments.

Although Dr. Criswell was 89-years-old and very ill at the time, he still had his eyes on Jesus and his primary purpose never changed- winning the lost to Christ.


Baptist Battles – DVD Set

“Baptist Battles” is Jerry Vines’ presentation of issues – past and present – in Southern Baptist life.

The “battles” are not personal in nature, but the constant battle to earnestly contend for the truth of the faith.


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