Old Testament Cycle 3 (Series 8) Now Available

 In Vines by the Book

I am excited to announce that Old Testament Cycle 3 (Series 8) of “Vines By The Book” Sunday School Curriculum is now available. This teacher’s guide online curriculum is designed to take Sunday School classes and other Bible study groups through the New Testament in 5 years and the Old Testament in 5 years. Old Testament Cycle 3 (Series 8) provides teaching material for Ezra through Psalms and 3 special lessons for Mothers’ Day, Easter and Christmas.

We at Jerry Vines Ministries are very pleased at the large number of churches now using our curriculum. Based on my sermon notes, these lessons provide commentary and help for the busy teacher who wants to help his/her students get a good understanding of the Bible.

Several features make “Vines By The Book” appealing to churches. First, the cost is reasonably priced according to the average Sunday School attendance of the church. The same material available to the largest churches is available to the smallest churches at a much smaller subscription price. Huge savings in the literature budget can be realized.

Second, there is no printed material to purchase. When a church subscribes it may download as much material as it desires. Some churches do this; others email the material to teachers. Should senior adults desire something in hand, these guides can be printed out for them.

Third, the lessons are not prepared for scholars, but for hard working people who voluntarily teach the Bible in their churches or small group setting. The lessons are written in a down to earth, conversational style. This enables the teacher to have something easy to teach and the pupil to have something easy to understand.

Let me encourage you to go to our Sunday School curriculum section and take a look at our Vines by the Book curriculum. The ordering process is simple and fast, and will walk you through step by step how to check out. Once you’ve subscribed, you files are immediately available for download, email, etc. Also, should you somehow lose your files, computer crash, etc., simply log back into the website with your user name and password and all of your files will be easily accessible in the “My Downloads” section.

Join many others in helping people understand the Bible by using “Vines By The Book.”

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