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At an early age I was taught to love preachers. The biggest night in the year at our house was when our pastor came for dinner. Through the years I learned to love anyone who declares God’s Word to people. I am grateful for the many preachers who influenced my life and preaching. I think of W.A. Criswell, Adrian Rogers, John Phillips, Warren Wiersbe, and many, many others

In my 60+ years as a preacher I have seen many trends in preaching. Some not so good. But, some very good. I am thankful for a new generation of preachers who are taking seriously the task God has given them to “Preach The Word!” (II Timothy 4:2).

So, among the many things in the field of preaching for which I am thankful, Moody Publishers is high on the list. They have been so kind to publish “Power In The Pulpit,” “Progress In The Pulpit,” and next year “Passion In The Pulpit.” And Moody is also very thankful for the privilege of being a blessing to thousands of preachers. As a way of saying, Thank you, Moody Publishers has my book “Power In The Pulpit” (and “Progress In The Pulpit”) 50% off for this Monday and Tuesday only. You can find it here.

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