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I am thrilled to announce that our 10 year Vines By The Book Sunday School  curriculum is now complete and available for churches. When I retired as pastor at First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida in 2006 my first project was to develop a Sunday School curriculum that would actually get people into their Bibles. Based on my sermon notes Vines By The Book takes Sunday School attendees on a 5 year study of the New Testament and a 5 year study in the Old Testament. Let me give you the reasons why I believe this curriculum is very attractive for Sunday Schools of all sizes.

First, the curriculum is set up in yearly cycles. Subscribing churches may take their Sunday School through a consecutive New Testament or Old Testament study. In 5 years the curriculum goes from Matthew to Revelation or Genesis to Malachi. Or, churches may alternate between the New and Old Testaments. Or, churches may choose each year from the cycles available. I have always believed that the best way to study the Bible is book by book. To try to connect and teach from several Bible passages is not easy to do. Our curriculum goes consecutively through each Bible book.

Second, special lessons for special days are available each year. There are Christmas, Easter, Mothers’ Day, etc. lessons. We have even prepared a special 53rd leap year Sunday lesson!

Third, when a church subscribes for a year, the teachers’ guides may be downloaded and copied as much as the church desires. The Bible will be the pupils’ text for each week’s lesson. For those churches that want something additional for pupils as well as teachers, the teachers’ guides may be used.

Fourth, we have not prepared these lesson guides for scholars. We understand that Sunday School teachers come from all walks of life and educational levels. So, we have tried to make the lessons understandable and simple to follow and to teach.

Fifth, churches may subscribe to this material based on the total average attendance of the church’s Sunday School. This makes the curriculum much, much cheaper than receiving printed material in the mail.

Sixth, the curriculum is beautifully done. We have been told by a major publishing company that there is nothing available that is as well done and provides this kind of systematic study through the Bible and is as affordable for churches as Vines By The Book.

I invite you to use the link below to see more information about our Sunday School curriculum, including the prices for a yearly subscription, the Bible books included in each yearly cycle, a sample lesson, etc. We hope you will prayerfully consider making Vines By The Book your church’s Sunday School curriculum!


Jerry Vines, pastor Emeritus, First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida; Two time President, Southern Baptist Convention; President, Jerry Vines Ministries, Inc.

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